County’s Transportation Committee recommends Forest Glen’s 2nd entrance!

The County Council’s Transportation Committee voted 2-1 (Berliner, Hucker -YES, Floreen – NO) to approve funding for the Forest Glen 2nd entrance with the bulk of the $20 million being available FY21 and construction completed in FY25.

Let the County know today that you support this recommendation ahead of the March 20th vote!

Check out below the discussion on the 2nd entrance and the vote on the proposal.

We need your SUPPORT!

The County Council is deciding on whether to fund the Forest Glen 2nd metro entrance on the East side and we need to have our voices heard.

Please EMAIL the Council and let them know that you want better pedestrian safety and kill the wasteful Montrose Parkway East (you can read more about that here).

We are getting close but we need your support!

A very special shout-out to our community members that came out and supported this very important endeavor (pics below!).


Sign the Forest Glen Petition TODAY!

Forest Glen has an opportunity to work with White Flint to get funding for a 2nd Metro entrance on the East side of Georgia Ave (Holy Cross side), better improvements along Georgia Ave and a new entrance in White Flint on the North side as well as better pedestrian safety measures near Pike and Rose!

For more information, read and sign the petition HERE.

More information and meetings COMING SOON!