Our mission is to help transform and redevelop the Montgomery Hills-Forest Glen corridor into a vibrant commercial district for residents, local businesses, and community organizations.


  • Mobility – Improve walkability, bikeability, transit-access, and safety along the corridor so that Georgia Avenue is less of a physical barrier.
  • Economic Development – Improve the retail environment in Montgomery Hills-Forest Glen, including having attractive buildings and thriving businesses that truly serve the community’s needs.
  • Access & Aesthetics – Implement measures such as buried utilities, a tree-lined median, consistent design features, and thoughtful signage to improve the usability and aesthetics of the corridor.
  • Sense of Place and Community Engagement – Create a positive and distinctive sense of place through initiatives such as community events, public art, and vibrant public spaces. Highlight the many positive aspects while bringing attention to opportunities for improvement.
  • Community Involvement – Work with civic groups, homeowner associations, and businesses in the Montgomery Hills-Forest Glen corridor to achieve shared objectives, provide information, and assist in matters that impact the future of the corridor.
  • Funding – Work closely with public officials and private organizations to identify and secure resources that enable improvements along the corridor.
  • Affordable Housing Promote new, diverse, and affordable transit-accessible housing choices.