Sniders Super Foods


Lillian & Louis Snider in front of their first store in Brightwood in 1922. Sniders Superfoods moved to Ga & Seminary in 1946 and to the current location in 1961.

We are fortunate to have many of the elements that make a great neighborhood: tree-lined streets, access to public transportation (and I-495), good schools, beautiful parks and trails, and a multicultural, diverse community. It is a great place to raise a family. When we ask neighbors what they most love about our neighborhood, they invariably mention Sniders. 

Whether you live in Linden or one of the “Woods” or “Forests,” chances are you count on Sniders as a go-to for groceries. It’s not unusual for neighbors to walk to Sniders daily (your editors have been spotted there three times in the same day!) What is it about Sniders that has kept us coming back since 1946?

What we love

A 5 minute Docs in Progress film from 2018 highlights many of the things we personally love about Sniders – convenience, connection, and customer service. In the film, Mark Hillman, the Deli Manager, reflects upon the tight community of neighbors serving neighbors (Mark grew up in the neighborhood) and notes that Sniders is a gathering spot.

Did you know?

Sniders generously donates 1 percent of sales to our local schools. You must save your receipts and turn them into school reps who tally them (click here for WoodlinSligoEinstein,, & Northwood Reps. 2019 receipts must be submitted by Feb. 15)

Manager Terry Sweet

We recently spoke with manager Terry Sweet about the store, the neighborhood, and what keeps it all together. We were surprised to learn that Terry is also a neighbor; he lives just a few blocks away. Terry has seen quite a few food trends in his 19 years at Sniders and acknowledges that increased competition keeps them on their toes – be it Aldis, Blue Apron, or UberEats – but they stay focused on what they do best: customer service, good prices, and community convenience. He mentioned that he doesn’t see a big push among loyal customers for organic or vegan foods. But just in case, they have started to grow the organic section along with prepared Asian and Indian foods. Terry noted that he would love to see is an expanded prepared food section. He believes younger customers, short on time, would appreciate quality dinners made by Sniders staff for carry out.

And what of rumors that Sniders isn’t part of a re-developed Montgomery Hills? Terry indicates that Sniders isn’t going anywhere. While he notes the challenges of increased competition, they have seen it before (before Staples, a Safeway operated from the Aldis location). As a neighbor, he sees the same disruptions caused by congestion and road improvements we all do.

Let’s Keep Sniders Strong!

Alan Lauer, who lives a few blocks away in Linden, believes that not as many new residents are plugged into neighborhood institutions the way they used to be. Seen sporting a sign at the September 2019 Street Fest that read “Shop at Snider while you still can,” Alan obviously has concerns. His two grown children, raised on Sniders groceries, are just the customers that Terry and Sniders will have to win over to remain competitive. Recent closings like the Woodside Deli show that no business is guaranteed to survive in Montgomery Hills.

In the spirit of celebrating the good things along Georgia Avenue that make our community special, we encourage you to shop at Sniders! If there is something you’d like to see, let Terry and the staff know. They want you coming back.

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