Talk to your elected officials at the Fest

postcards 2

We are less than 24 hours away to the second annual Montgomery Hills Street Fest.  As we come together to celebrate our community, we have the power to make change and fix Georgia Ave.  When you see our elected officials, please ask them to:

  • Call / write the Governor, Maryland DOT Secretary Rahn, and SHA Administrator Slater to fund the MD 97 Alternative 5B Georgia Ave improvements. (Secretary Pete Rahn 410-865-1000 or email
  •  Ask County representatives to support Georgia Ave in Montgomery Hills as the #1 Transportation Priority and to commit to $10 m in County funding for construction.
  • Tell the County Council to approve the Forest Glen / Montgomery Hills Sector Plan. (County Council 240- 777-7900 or email

We will have stamped, addressed postcards on hand to sign at the Street Fest.  Come see us at the Friends of Forest Glen and Montgomery Hills table.

We can’t wait to see you and your families.  Together, we can #FixGeorgiaAve

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